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Lagom Coffee

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Lagom Coffee is a coffee tasting and buying place located in Sweden designed by designers and for designers. The concept is to offer a space for work and creativity. Graphic resources are available for free consultation on site and workshops with designers take place once a month on themes around design and art in general.


The name of the coffee comes from the Swedish: “Lagom” which means finding balance. In order to create the perfect coffee, the roaster must find the right mix between alchemy and balance, with the aim of creating the ideal balance between aromas.

The brand identity is made up of references from the world of design. A sans-serif typographic logo, with a thick, characterful but finely crafted weight to counterbalance and recall the balance present in the creation of an exceptional coffee. The finely chosen monochrome color palette references Yves Klein blue.

In order to create consistency, each packaging has been designed around the name of a famous typography and its own color. (Ps: the “Comics without Ms” coffee bag is cheaper than the others...!)

Lagom asserts its fun & friendly side through a mascot who goes through 3 levels of fatigue states in correlation with the number of cups of coffee drunk.

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